System Updates and General Maintenance

Your a general PC user, you don’t want to have to hassle with system updates, notifications, and the like.

Computer feeling slow, annoying popups keep showing up?

Want to keep your PC / device in top, clean, quick, and healthy condition?

your devices need maintenance. weather it’s clearing out the caches, deleting trash, old versions of things, tuning up and updating programs, your system’s health depends on it.

If your devices aren’t updated regularly, old security holes and exploits could potentially be used on your system!

an example is a security hole found in android called stagefright.

if you have older android software (i.e you have an old or even a recent android phone that isn’t updated) you could be a victim of someone simply by knowing your phone number, being able to take full control of your phone or tablet! think of all the private data you have on there!

Another example is the recently released information on the hacking tools available, which makes most apple devices vulnerable to hacking.