Laptop Repairs

Broken Screen? Coffee on the Keyboard? Broken power connector? We can Help!

Laptops are portable computers, and as they’re portable, things being disconnected and reconnected constantly, moved around, things tend to break!

But there is hope.

We provide a vast range of services to our clients when that fatal moment comes to your beloved portable PC.

Although the task is difficult and now days new Laptops being so cheap, there are those machines we value and wish to keep.

Here is a list of some of the solutions we are able to provide; (contact use for a personal quote)

We HIGHLY recommend converting your old Laptop Hard drive to a new and improved SSD (Solid State Drive) instead of getting a new computer. This will vastly! improve performance, usability and stability. It is also a MUCH cheaper option than purchasing a whole new machine.
for instance. instead of taking 2 minutes to turn the machine on, it will only take 10-20 seconds! All the applications you open will start immediately, no waiting for things to open! your battery life will also be better, SSD’s take a fraction of the power than an old HDD does!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries.

There is always new technology becoming available, making more affordable and better options when it comes to upgrading.