Data Recovery

Dropped your External Hard Drive? Damaged Laptop? Accidentally deleted files?

Data Recovery!

When accidents happen and you have damaged or lost vital information, it is always handy to know there there is some form of hope left! UserIT provides a range of Data Recovery options.

Depending on the damage, it is more than possible to recover any data that has been lost on a hard drive. If you have accidentally deleted photo’s, or a virus has caused such severe damage as to wipe your files, we are able to an extent recover that which you have lost.

It is by no means an easy feat and the task can take some time, however for that which is vital to recover these are not issues. Depending on the size of the files and the amount that needs to be recovered will depict the costing and time it will take.

Unfortunately, there are some things that can not be saved. If the hard drive it’s self has an actual physical failure, then this is beyond our scope. Likewise if a RAID system has failed and proper backup procedures not implemented, this also can not be helped.

Contact us and leave a detailed description of your situation and we shall get back to you asap!