Computer System Builds

Need that extra bit of grunt?

Are you running a Small Business and in need of desktops for your office? Are you a home user that just wants to upgrade, or get the best bang for their buck? UserIT can give advice on a vast range of Computer System Builds from Small Office Applications to full scaled Servers. Gamers will also be impressed, with a no-loading on parts, just the time it takes to build and program.

We encourage the use of the latest technology available today. For Business’s and the average home user that only requires the basic services such as email, web applications and word processing, we advise the use of Mini PC’s. These small guys can adapt to the back of a desktop monitor, completely hidden away leaving more space and create a better work environment.

Alternatively, if you are are Gamer and looking for the latest and greatest, we are here for you!

Please do not hesitate to contact us today for any questions you may have!